Renew Lamps: Only available in the Oasis Trio
26 Bronzing Bed, ESB has developed the latest
breakthrough in Skin Care; the creation of Renew
Facial Lamp™, which emits Red Visible Light, R. V.
L., that does not provide any ultraviolet bronzing
or tanning rays. A revolutionary process for facial
skin care, the Renew Lamps R. V. L. penetrates
deep into our facial skin’s collagen area. Because
of skin’s high blood and water content, it is able
to absorb red light. The Renew Lamp’s R.V.L.
stimulation of natural collagen increases elasticity
and smoothness, helping skin look younger. To
maximize the Renew Facial Lamp benefits and
obtain maximum results use our Renew System, a
combination of both Renew Facial Lamps and O2
Renew Skin Care Enrichment…for a Brand New

Sunergy™: ESB's revolutionary tanning
technology, Sunergy, maximizes the tanning
performance and tanning life of ESB tanning
systems and lamps. A unique blend of Sunergy
tanning rays provides a deeper, longer-lasting tan
compared to most salon-brand lamps.

Sunergy™ RFL: A reflective coating which
stretches end-to-end inside our Sunergy RFL lamp
produces 50 percent more output and sends rays
on a straight path direct to your skin's surface,
providing more concentrated, powerful tanning
performance versus non-reflective lamps.

Sunergy™ Face/Arm: The ESB Sunergy
face/arm combination lamp offers two levels of
tanning power in one lamp. This dual-phosphor
tanning system provides up to 20 percent
stronger tanning rays for these specific areas of
the body.

Sunergy™ Swirl: ESB's unique swirl lamp
feature boosts the tanning power of the face/arm
lamps by up to 10 percent. No other salon or
home-tanning bed offers this combination of swirl.

Exceptional Tanning Performance -
To achieve a great tan at
home, ESB Tanning Beds are designed with a
combination of 10 different Sunergy 100-watt
lamps in either 10 / 20 minute levels. Don't be
fooled by look alike imitations; only ESB beds have
the Sunergy brand performance.
Advantage - Renew - Sunergy POWER
Advantage PWR I & II: The NEW "Advantage PWR" Series Reflector Lamp
Technology is a balanced blend of UV photon rays which provides smarter bronzing and
better protection from the Sun by minimizing photo-aging (wrinkling) due to
Sunburn/UV reddening caused by excessive overexposure from the Sun/UV rays. Due to
ESB's newest and innovative technology we carefully designed our powerful Advantage
PWR I & II Series Reflector Lamp, with 10 & 15 minute exposure times which performs
up to 1200 hours of bronzing lamp life.
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